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The fact is, therapy, especially for men, has a serious image problem.

Ask most men about they’re expectations of going to therapy, and this fact becomes obvious.

Whether you’re unsure of what the process involves, what exactly you’ll be paying for, or what results you can hope to achieve, these unanswered questions may have, in the past, been enough to prevent you from seeking help.

This is an unfortunate, but oftentimes accurate reality of just how inaccessible therapy can be… 

…but it doesn’t have to be - that’s why I created




Recent developments in neuroscience suggest that there are two separate types of Anxiety, each mapping onto the brain via distinct systems, namely the FEAR system, and the PANIC system. Figuring out which of these systems, aka instincts, is producing the anxiety is one of the first steps in addressing it.



Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a quality that is essential in being able to authentically express yourself and realise your inner potential in the external world. For a variety of reasons however, we may find ourselves unable, or more often unwilling, to trust our own impulse for authenticity, choosing instead to defer to others and second guess our own sense and intuitions. Developing confidence then is a matter of trust.



Depression can often show up in many different ways, from a loss of interest in work, to an increase or decrease in eating/sleeping, or simply a constant feeling of exhaustion. However it's shows up, depression may be interpreted as a signal that our previous direction in life no longer serves us, and we must instead find a new axis in which to orient ourselves.



Answering the question ‘Who Am I?’ is not as simple as it may sound. Instead, for many, the answer becomes harder to grasp, the more they search for it. If this wasn’t frustrating enough, it is only when we can begin to answer this question, that we can truly ask ourselves, ‘What Do I Want To Do With My Life?’. In a world with infinite possibilities, it is this question that often demands our attention the most.



Instinctively you know what path is best for you. As the seasons change however, the path can become obscured by the everyday debris of life, and you might find yourself off the beaten track feeling lost. The problem of navigating back through the undergrowth can feel daunting, but it’s only through tracing your footprints back that you can return to the path you knew all along. 


Therapy should chiefly be concerned with helping you solve that problem. A good therapist doesn't attempt to solve the problem for you, rather they empower you with the tools you need to solve it yourself. 

"Your ability to tune in to what your instincts are demanding of you in any given moment determines how successful you are at actualising lasting fulfilment."


It’s only when we’re truly willing to remove the pretences of who we think we ought to be, or what we ought to do, even to ourselves, that we can begin to accurately see who it is we actually are.


The journey of therapy is one made with a destination in mind - namely, acceptance and integration. Like most journey’s however, we can’t usually see the end point from where we begin, but instead must learn to trust our inner compass to guide us to where we need to go. 


Being courageous isn’t about outward displays of bravery and heroism. More often, it’s about expressing something that you thought would never see the light of day, and accompanying it out of the darkness, into the sunlight.


Clinical doesn’t have to mean cold. Effective therapy is best achieved with an emphasis on the human aspect of the therapeutic relationship, as it is this, not an over-reliance on any one theory or idea, that will ultimately affect lasting change.



I came to therapy in an unconventional way. 

I was on the straight and narrow, carefully laying the foundation for a life-long career in law, when I suddenly found myself signing my name on the dotted line to join the military as an Officer in the Royal Marines, upon graduating University. 


This surprised everyone, (most of all me!).

After reaching the penultimate stage of recruitment however, I withdrew my application. I was searching for something, but the military wasn’t it... 


"As soon as I began interacting with Luke, I sensed a warm and compassionate presence who cares deeply about helping people find ways to identify and overcome the psychological complexes that lock us into patterns of thinking and behaving that are counter-productive, even destructive.

... I highly recommend Luke’s guidance. He is friendly, insightful, knowledgeable, and professional.

 He has gently yet firmly nudged me to explore dimensions of my personality and emotions that I wanted to hide and/or run from. Luke has also inspired me to keep in touch with my unconscious mind."

E.S. - University Professor


(15 Min.) "Rest & Reconnect" Guided Meditation MP3 Download

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