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Just because you're a Doomer, doesn't mean you're doomed...

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Here's some of what you'll learn:



• The four categories of doomer-habits, and what they reveal about your psyche (p.14).

• The Earphones-in, Head-Down self-fulfilling prophecy of the Doomer (p.17)

• The reason Doomers often feel a sense of of learned social helplessness (p.22)

• What a "silent despair response" is, and how it can reinforce depression and isolation (p.23)

• How Doomers build their own self-made prison-Matrix (p.28)

• The phenomenon of Doomer Wheelspin and how to get traction (p.29)

• The Pandora Myth and an alternative interpretation that holds the key to the Doomer's salvation (p.45)

• How to avoid the stumbling blocks, blind-alleys and pitfalls on the journey from Doomer to Bloomer (p.48)

• The three words that sum up the Doomer philosophy (write these down and scratch them out of your vocabulary) (p.48)

• Why over-educated young men are most susceptible to Doomerism (p.48)

• How to avoid the pot-hole of anti-life philosophy that can draw Doomers in like a moth to the flame (p.49).

• The Pied-Piper Effect: celebrity influencers and their influence on the personal philosophies of their scroll-addicted followers (p.50)

• The phenomenon of "internet pseudo-fathers" (these have been digitally transplanted into the Reddit-generation’s psyche) (p.52)

• The three core ways to deconstruct the Doomer Complex (p.60)

• How to break down the emotional scaffolding of doomerism using the disidentification process (p.60)

• The Post-Doomer path: finding your way back to your authentic desires, true nature, and fulfilling pursuits. (p.65)

• Critical deep vetting questions to ask of all your social influences (this includes forums, reddit, social media, and your direct social influences) (p.65)

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