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(15 min.) "Rest & Reconnect"
Guided Meditation


“We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth…
…we build them for the warmth of the soul:
we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by”.
~ Edna Ferber

You've been out in the wind and the rain for so long...

...perhaps it's time to take a moment to relaxbreathe, shed the raincoat, and

warm your bones by the fire.

Guided Meditations Apps are great in theory, but in practice, can often overwhelm us by the sheer volume of tracks provided, each one claiming to produce it's own unique state of relaxation and spiritual zen.


It's because of this, these Apps slowly disappear into the background of our phones, and with them, our hopes for true calm.

That's why, as a Licenced Therapist, I wanted to create a short, practical Guided Meditation,  combining elements from both my practice as a trained Hypnotherapist, along with Theta Wave Binaural beats technology, to designed a 15-minute Guide Meditation that can help you withstand the everyday slings and arrows of daily life.

It's this same emphasis on practicality that will usher you, gently yet unmistakably,

back towards relaxation and reconnection with your own inner silence,

as you take a seat by your own inner fire, and discover your own

Hearth at Heart.




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