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Before Hiring A Therapist
Watch This

When choosing a therapist, the first thing you need to know is this:

Therapy isn’t about being told what the answer is, it’s about feeling supported in reaching new resolutions & conclusions by yourself.

In the above video I discuss: 

  • An unusual "fireside approach" to therapy that I developed as a way to help men get more comfortable letting their guard down, and get the most out of their therapy sessions.

  • Why you should never choose the nearest, most convenient therapist available (and what to do instead).

  • A forgotten central nervous system "switch" that our early ancestors once used to facilitate healing but until recently, had been missing in most forms of modern therapy.

To find out if the Fireside Approach To Therapy is one that could work for you, simply pick a day and a time that works on the calendar provided below and book your free 60 minute Fireside Session now. [PLEASE NOTE: Individuals must be aged 18+ to book]

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