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Going to see a Hypnotherapist can seem intimidating, not least because most individuals aren’t exactly sure what they can expect from this type of therapy.

On this page, we’ll begin by addressing the myths of Hypnotherapy, then onto the reality of it, as well as exploring what a typical hypnotherapy session with me looks like, and finally concluding with some FAQ’s.

The Myths

Naturally, many people have certain reservations about Hypnotherapy, due largely in part to outdated ideas of what this type of therapy involves.


For some, the term ‘Hypnotherapist’ immediately conjures images of a dark domineering figure, attempting to charm and beguile them into a state of deep trance of which they have no control.


Although this image may have a resemblance to how Hypnotherapy was conducted in the 19th Century, nowadays, this portrayal couldn’t be further from the truth.


Instead, many modern Hypnotherapists, including myself, choose to utilise an approach that relies less on direct commands, and more on developing trust and rapport with a client’s unconscious mind, allowing that to be the guiding force for change. By virtue of this approach, both comfortability and consent are placed as top priorities in every session.

The Reality

Although there are many schools of thought when it comes to Hypnotherapy, in its simplest form, Hypnotherapy may be defined as:


"The bringing about of a state of relaxation, where an individual’s own capacity for self-directed change may be more readily communicated with."

In addition, Hypnosis may be best thought of as bridging the gap between a person’s conscious and unconscious mind in a gentle, non-intrusive way, so that any messages that may be being temporarily lost in translation, are finally able to be understood, leading to lasting change.

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A Typical Session With Me

Free 60 Minute Consultation

Should you decide that you want more information about how you could achieve your therapeutic goals through Hypnotherapy, you’re welcome to send over a quick enquiry and book a Free 60 minute Consultation. 


Understandably, individuals are sceptical about committing to a potentially life-changing process with a stranger, so this initial consultation provides an unpressured, no-obligation opportunity to test the waters and see if we’re a good fit. 


In this session, I’ll begin by asking some general questions about what’s been going on, as well as what goals you’d be looking to achieve should you decide you would like to begin working together. 


Often, many men start out the session with some hesitancy, but as the conversation progresses, find that they derive a palpable sense of relief and enthusiasm that whatever issue they’re facing, may not be as hopeless as they once thought. 


At the end of the consultation, I’ll provide a brief outline of what I can do to help, along with an estimate of how many sessions this might take and the chance to book a first session there and then, or take the opportunity to think it over. Again - there is no pressure to choose right away.

Your Hypnotherapy Sessions

In the first session, we’ll begin by establishing the context and background in which you as an individual emerge, as well as build on defining what exactly your goals for therapy are. This will help in providing both a case history and a timeline of where you’ve come from, and where it is you would like to end up, freeing us up to focus on your present situation. 


As a rule of thumb, I prefer to keep sessions relaxed and flexible, opting for a ‘barefoot’ approach to Hypnotherapy that tailors the experience to your needs and goals, rather than adhere to any one strict methodology. 


Towards the latter part of our first session, or when appropriate, I’ll begin to more directly introduce some basic elements of hypnotherapy, starting with an explanation of its relevance and application to your specific context, as well as some foundational exercises to develop your confidence in, and relationship to, hypnosis and trance. 


As the sessions progress, and your confidence and relationship with yourself deepens, I’ll begin to employ more advanced therapeutic techniques, including

  • Identifying core Instinctual drives that may be being frustrated in your day to day life

  • Deciphering what exactly you’re emotions (e.g. Anxiety/Depression/Frustration) are attempting to communicate to you, but are being lost in translation 

  • Recognising unconscious negative self-talk 

  • Visualization

  • NLP

  • Sensory Relaxation

These techniques will be applied bespokely, and always in response to real-time feedback from your unconscious mind, ensuring that progress is made at the pace that is most appropriate for you.

One of the biggest obstacles that prevents men from meaningfully addressing the issues that they face, is a feeling that nobody in their life is quite suited to having THAT conversation with. 

Whether it’s the well-intentioned but ultimately inexperienced ‘advice’ given by a friend at the pub...


The ‘head-down-grin-and-bare-it’ attitude shared among colleagues at work...


Or the family member that always seems to make the conversation about them…

Choosing the right person to open up to is one of the most important factors when dealing with an issue that’s bothering you.

That’s why as a therapist, I aim to be as ‘down-to-earth’ as possible, recognising that it is the human element of therapy, the part that puts a premium on sincerity and warmth, that has the biggest impact on individuals achieving lasting change.

What I bring to therapy:


  • Complete Discretion and Confidentiality

  • Professionalism with Warmth, Openness and Patience

  • A Judgment-free Perspective

  • Dedication to moving you towards your Goals

  • Considerable knowledge of mens-related Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnotherapy Dangerous?

No, not at all. Hypnosis, especially in a Hypnotherapeutic context, is at its core simply another form of communication that humans have been utilizing for hundreds of thousands of years, albeit likely without any one specific name given to it. 


As a fully licensed and insured Hypnotherapist, all of my sessions contain built-in safeguards to ensure each individual that I work with feels both comfortable and confident in learning to develop a deeper, richer relationship with themselves. 

Will I Be "Awake" During Hypnosis?

Yes - trance is more akin to the feeling of being absorbed in a vivid day-dream, rather than being completely asleep. As such, you will always retain the choice to withdraw from the trance-state should you wish.

What Does It Feels Like To Be Hypnotised?

What does it feel like to be engrossed in your favourite film or book? 


As human beings we typically move in and out of trance states all-day, every-day, without our conscious awareness. These states occur naturally, and facilitate the narrowing in of our focus and the exclusion of distractions.


That being said, Hypnosis typically can feel like relaxing into an effortless, passive focus that can oftentimes feel pleasant.

What if I Can’t Be Hypnotized (What If It Doesn't Work)?

Some individuals come to Hypnotherapy with worries that this type of treatment won’t be effective with them. Although these concerns are understandable, they are typically built on a fundamental misunderstanding of what Hypnotherapy is, and as such, are usually misplaced. 


The type of Hypnosis I offer relies less on direct commands from the Hypnotist, and more of voluntary invitations to the client to meet themselves, and their own capacity for self-directed change, more clearly. 


Naturally, an individual does have to want to be Hypnotized for it to be effective, much in the same way an individual seeking any other form of help must be willing to receive that help for it to be effective.

Do I Lose Control When I’m Hypnotised?

No - you will remain fully alert and in control during our sessions, and can choose to withdraw from trance at any point, should you wish.

Can I be Hypnotized Over Zoom (And Is It Safe)?

Yes - Hypnosis at a distance is entirely safe and effective and can oftentimes be preferable for individuals seeking Hypnotherapy, as the session can be attended from the comfort of their own home.

Free 60 Minute
Fireside Session

Deciding to take the plunge and see a therapist can feel daunting - sometimes we might not feel like we have a firm grasp on what exactly the issues are that we’re facing, or what goals we have. That’s why I offer a free, no-obligation sixty minute Fireside session.


In these sixty minutes, we’ll work through the problems that you’re facing in a non-judgemental, confidential space, as well as come up with a plan for how to address these issues and what techniques would work best for you.


To find out more about the Fireside Session click here.

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